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The Huddle Highlight

TitletownTech welcomes Principal Jane Bootz to the team.

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Principal Jane Bootz, a Green Bay native, brings a rich background in leadership, project management, technology, and organizational effectiveness to her role at TitletownTech. Prior to joining the team, Jane led consultant success at CORE BTS/Skyline Technologies for eight years, where she partnered with clients, led key initiatives, and coached and mentored team members.

While at WEC Energy Group as process performance manager and at Schneider National in multiple roles, including program manager, business analyst, and software engineer, Jane drove strategic initiatives and improved operational efficiency across organizations.

She holds an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh and degrees in math and computer science from St. Norbert College. Additionally, Jane holds several certifications across project management, change management, coaching, and professional development.


Can you share a bit about your professional journey and what led you to join the TitletownTech team?


My professional journey has primarily been anchored on one question - where can I add the most value? Several points throughout my career I was asked to pick a major or pin a role that I wanted to pursue. Instead of taking that approach, I chose to ask questions about the future direction of the organization and where my skills could add the most value towards that future, while continuing to grow and learn in my own right.



What's one technology or innovation trend you’re particularly excited about and why?


I'm not necessarily excited about one specific innovation or technology, but rather the pace of change that is happening in so many areas. Obviously, AI is setting the stage as a catalyst for change across industries and use cases. It's also increasing the speed at which innovation can occur. It's that overall pace of discovery, developing, learning, and adapting that excites me.


Outside of work, what are some of your hobbies or interests?


I have a lot of hobbies and interests that I cycle through based on my seasons of life. Cooking, travel, soccer, yoga, woodworking, beekeeping, and tequila are a few on my radar at this time. I'm also interested in whatever my three kids are into so I can keep up on their lives and stay relevant. Anyone up for a game of Magic, a Pokémon Go inspired walk, or some bouldering/climbing?


What are some core values that guide you both professionally and personally?


Kindness and respect are two of my highest core values. I value authentic relationships built on trust, which includes taking accountability for yourself and your actions. Learning and growth are also important to me in both my personal and professional lives. And most importantly, I value family and leaving a legacy built on small, every day actions.


What motivates you the most in your career and everyday life?


I am motivated by being part of something bigger than myself and being able to contribute in a meaningful way. Whether that is through coaching an individual through a transformational journey or being part of a team that is creating value in an organization, I am motivated by the ability to make a positive difference.

If you’d like to connect or say hi, drop Jane a line at


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