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ChemDirect moves from L.A. to Green Bay, secures funding and a new HQ at TitletownTech

July 28, 2020

Creating new transparency in the chemical supply chain

Green Bay, Wisconsin – TitletownTech today announced their investment in ChemDirect, an early-stage company that is building a technology marketplace to connect chemical manufacturers directly with customers. ChemDirect has recently relocated to Green Bay from L.A. to become one of TitletownTech’s studio companies.

“ChemDirect makes a great addition to the TitletownTech community. The need for speed, service, and transparency in the chemical industry is a challenge that ChemDirect is meeting head on, and their value has been further amplified by the Covid-19 environment. The team brings great energy into TitletownTech, and we are excited to help accelerate their success in the market,” Jill Enos, TitletownTech Managing Director, said.

Tyler Ellison’s, CEO of ChemDirect, strong knowledge of logistics led to the creation of ChemDirect in 2019. While Ellison was the CEO of Nova Molecular Technologies, specialties chemical manufacturer, he experienced two major problems in the industry: Manufacturers did not own their customer data and customers were forced to buy chemicals blindly from distributors, lacking both product and price choice. A $5 trillion dollar industry lacked transparency, impacting both supply and demand. Ellison took on this challenge in the supply chain by creating an innovative e-commerce solution that removes the barrier between producer and consumer, while taking the typical 20-week supply chain down to one.

“Solving big problems leads to large value creation. Digitizing supply and demand will usher in a new era of transparency, resulting in informed decisions, better economics and optionality for both manufacturers and buyers.” – Tyler Ellison.


About ChemDirect ChemDirect is an online marketplace designed specifically for companies that need on-demand chemical supplies shipped directly to them. The ChemDirect platform provides an easy-to-use marketplace that creates connections between brands, customers, and suppliers.

About TitletownTech Formed out of a partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft, TitletownTech builds, enables and invests in early-stage and existing businesses. The organization identifies solutions, develops startups, and funds entrepreneurs across five key verticals: sports, media and entertainment; digital health; agriculture, water & environment; advanced manufacturing; and supply chain technology. Through a three-part structure, TitletownTech enables innovation, exploration, and disruption to address industry challenges. The Innovation Lab identifies and explores digital, transformative solutions. The Venture Studio develops creative market solutions with new and existing startups. The Venture Fund invests in high-growth scalable ventures that leverage the region’s strengths.


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