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Founders, we’d love to learn about what you’re building!

  • When should I reach out about investment opportunities with TitletownTech?
    If you are obsessed with a meaningful problem, deeply understand the market, and have a creative approach to address it, we’d love to meet with you.
  • I’m raising my Series B or Series C – should I reach out?
    Unfortunately, no. We only invest in high-growth, early-stage startups, anywhere between the idea/prototype phase to companies raising a Series A funding round.
  • Do I fit the typical profile of someone you would invest in?
    If you are an expert in your space who deeply understands the problem you are trying to solve and have a relentless drive to bring a scalable solution to market, we’d like to hear from you.
  • Do you only invest in Wisconsin ventures?
    We invest across the US and Canada, with a preference for startups creating scalable solutions tied to industries in Wisconsin or the greater Midwest.
  • Does TitletownTech invest in certain industries?
    We focus on five industries that are core to the strengths of our partners and region: Sports, Media & Entertainment, Digital Health, Supply Chain & Logistics, Construction & Manufacturing Technologies, and Agriculture, Water & Environment. But, if you’re building something different, we want to hear from you and learn about the impactful change you’re looking to make.
  • Are there any areas TitletownTech doesn’t invest in?
    We do not invest in small businesses, pharmaceuticals, cannabis, or real estate.
  • I think Green Bay needs a new bowling alley. Can you help me make it happen?
    Sorry, but you’ll have to look for a partner elsewhere! Real estate and small business are not our forte.
  • Because TitletownTech has a partnership with Microsoft, does that mean portfolio companies can only use Microsoft technologies?
    No. We believe that startups should use whatever technology is best suited for their specific business needs. However, with Microsoft as one of our anchor partners, we can often provide deeper expertise with Microsoft technologies.
  • How can I get in touch with TitletownTech?
    To share your idea, please submit a pitch deck or executive summary HERE.
  • What should I include in my pitch deck or executive summary?
    We invest in more than just ideas, we invest in people. Highlight your team members and share how you’re uniquely positioned to solve a real problem in market. Make sure to provide us with some context by detailing the problem, including relevant information on the market and its size, and don’t forget to include your value proposition and go-to-market strategy.
  • What is TitletownTech’s average investment amount?
    Our check sizes range from $200K to $2M, averaging $500K.
  • Do you sign NDAs?
    Not until we are ready to move to a term sheet. If sharing your “secret sauce” is a concern, we’re happy to discuss high level ideas and concepts.
  • How do corporate partners work with TitletownTech?
    Corporate partners can work with us in a variety of ways, including offering insights into industry challenges, providing feedback on new ideas and startups, piloting startup products and services, discovering new market opportunities, and working with us to develop and launch new ventures. To explore opportunities, please contact us.
  • Can my corporation invest in TitletownTech?
    If you are interested in learning more about investing, please contact us.
  • Who are TitletownTech’s limited partners/investors?
    Our current investors include the Green Bay Packers, Microsoft, and a variety of companies across multiple industries.
  • What does TitletownTech do?
    Formed out of a partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft, TitletownTech is a venture capital fund and studio that builds and invests in high-growth, early-stage ventures
  • Is TitletownTech open to the public – is there coworking space available?
    TitletownTech is open to ideas from across the country, but the TitletownTech building exclusively houses TitletownTech employees and our portfolio companies, as well as employees of Titletown Homes, Titletown Real Estate, the Green Bay Packers, and Delaware North.
  • Can I host meetings or events at TitletownTech?
    Yes. There are spaces you can rent within the TitletownTech building. For more information, please reach out to
  • Where are you located?
    1025 Lombardi Avenue, Green Bay, WI 54304

1025 Lombardi Avenue

Green Bay, WI 54304

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