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Colorado Tech Entrepreneurs Launch New Company in Titletown

May 20, 2020

TitletownTech invests in technology startup Quantum Radius

Green Bay, Wisconsin – TitletownTech today announced their investment in Quantum Radius, a technology startup developing interactive video and extended-reality technology that enables real-time cloud-scale augmentation of visual content. As a result of this investment and family connections to the area, Quantum Radius will be relocating their headquarters from Denver, Colorado to Green Bay later this year.

“The support of TitletownTech will provide Quantum Radius with growth capital, strategic guidance, technology expertise, and new connections to customers. The relationship further propels our development of the world’s premier low-latency, high fidelity visual solution.” said Tim Wahlers, Co-Founder and President of Quantum Radius.

Quantum Radius was co-founded in 2019 by CEO Frank Christofferson and Wahlers. With decades of combined knowledge in video and network technology at Bell Labs, NV Philips, CableLabs, and Vidiom Systems, the founders are proven builders and leaders of elite technical teams capable of blending hardware and software products. The founders co-invented Cloud Rendering and Cloud Voice and have next-generation patents pending.

“Our partnership with Tim and Frank demonstrates TitletownTech’s potential to grow world-class technology startups right here in Green Bay,” said Neil Mix, Partner at TitletownTech.

Today’s video technology and infrastructure have been pushed to their limits and are incapable of meeting the real-time demands of applications such as remote surgery, multi-player video gaming, long-distance transportation control, or human-guided robotic applications for manufacturing and healthcare. Quantum Radius intends to improve bandwidth inefficiency and virtually eliminate lag from real-time streaming.

“Our technology aims to transmit interactive video 100 times faster than Netflix streaming and 10 times faster than Google Stadia. This breakthrough has the potential to unleash amazing, impactful applications that may change how we all work and play in the online world,” said Christofferson.

In 2016, video accounted for 73 percent of internet traffic, and Cisco forecasts that by 2021 video will make up 82 percent of all internet traffic (Article link here). These market indicators suggest the Quantum Radius technology is well-positioned to make significant impact and transform technology capabilities across industries.


About Quantum Radius

Founded by Frank Christofferson and Tim Wahlers, Quantum Radius will deliver next-generation interactive cloud, edge, and 5G imagery in milliseconds to enable emerging applications and demonstrate the world’s highest visual fidelity with the lowest network latency.

About TitletownTech

Formed out of a partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft, TitletownTech builds, enables and invests in early-stage and existing businesses. The organization identifies solutions, develops startups, and funds entrepreneurs across five key verticals: sports, media and entertainment; digital health; agriculture, water & environment; advanced manufacturing; and supply chain technology. Through a three-part structure, TitletownTech enables innovation, exploration, and disruption to address industry challenges. The Innovation Lab identifies and explores digital, transformative solutions. The Venture Studio develops creative market solutions with new and existing startups. The Venture Fund invests in high-growth scalable ventures that leverage the region’s strengths.


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