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TitletownTech, WISE Ventures, invest in Slate

October 6, 2020

Real-time content creation for a digital-first world

Green Bay, Wisconsin – Today TitletownTech announced its investment in Slate, a mobile-first content creation platform that quickly gained traction among pro sports teams and media organizations. The co-lead in Slate’s seed investment round was WISE Ventures, founded by the owners of the Minnesota Vikings.

“In today’s social media environment, brands are under immense pressure to turn around more content and across more platforms than ever before. Slate gives teams the ability to produce on-brand content in seconds,” said Michael Horton, Co-Founder & CEO of Slate. “Partnering with TitletownTech has been amazing for us. Their expertise and network in both sports and technology really made them the ideal investor for Slate.”

Slate launched in June of 2019 and in its first year, partnered with over half of the teams in the NFL. With the massive growth in the importance and demand of real-time social media content, like Instagram Stories, social teams need to be able to quickly produce content.

Where Slate provides value is in the platform’s ability to speed up content creation workflows, increase sponsored content offering, enhance real-time coverage, and achieve brand consistency across platforms. Nick Monroe, Director of Content at Milwaukee Bucks adds, “Slate has helped us increase productivity and efficiency from the NBA bubble, allowing for us to create engaging content for our fans.”

Since last June, Slate has partnered with teams from almost every major sports organization including the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS, NCAA, and EPL. During the pandemic, teams and brands have found added value in Slate as a means of maintaining their output and quality levels at a time when many teams’ have fewer resources.

“Slate has been an outstanding tool for the Packers social team,” said Ryan Hartwig, Packers social media manager. “We utilize it not only on gameday, but on a daily basis when covering things such as practices, team travel and community events. With the ability to upload and quickly utilize custom filters, graphics, logos and fonts, Slate allows us to maintain a unique and consistent look across our social channels, particularly on our Instagram and Snapchat Stories.”

While the sports industry is where Slate has gained the most traction to date, they are also quickly expanding into other industries and have worked with companies in media, beauty, fashion, retail, gaming, and more. These teams have used Slate to create an even wider range of content, ranging from showcasing new product lines and brand collaborations, to influencer content.

“We’ve been incredibly impressed to see the quick pivot the Slate team has made since the pandemic. Their platform carries tremendous value for brands, companies, and social teams across the board, regardless of the industry,” said Cordero Barkley, Partner at TitletownTech.


About Slate Slate is a new content creation platform that enterprise social media teams have quickly adopted to improve their social content. Social & digital teams use Slate to speed up their content creation, enhance their real-time coverage, create more sponsored content, and achieve brand consistency across platforms. Slate’s team is comprised of experienced social content professionals who have run accounts for major brands and was born out of their experiences to solve a challenge that they and their social media colleagues faced.

About TitletownTech Formed out of a partnership between the Green Bay Packers and Microsoft, TitletownTech builds, enables and invests in early-stage and existing businesses. The organization identifies solutions, develops startups, and funds entrepreneurs across five key verticals: sports, media and entertainment; digital health; agriculture, water & environment; advanced manufacturing; and supply chain technology. Through a three-part structure, TitletownTech enables innovation, exploration, and disruption to address industry challenges. The Innovation Lab identifies and explores digital, transformative solutions. The Venture Studio develops creative market solutions with new and existing startups. The Venture Fund invests in high-growth scalable ventures that leverage the region’s strengths.


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